Monday, 20 August 2007

Creative Commons and Copyright

If you're an interactive media producer then copyright is something that will effect you directly both as a user of other's work (as in Image Libraries) and a creator (as in other people ripping your work off). Protecting your work, and licensing it for others to use can be complex, but an organisation called the Creative Commons has made it easier. Read on.

This great video introduction explains what it's about so much better than I can:

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So now you know what it's all about, you will want to know how to license your work so others know how they can, or cannot use it.

Nothing could be simpler, Creative Commons have even made this bit easy, just visit their "Choose a License" page, select your preferences and voila, the license that fits your needs is spewed out ready for use.

I have already put it into use on my Carrara shaders website - Virtual Matter. It was very straight forward, have a go yourself.

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