Saturday, 20 October 2007

Design Student Emergency Software

It's one thing to have a load of freeware to help you out in an emergency, but what if you don't even have your own computer to run it on? That's where Portable Apps can help.

The whole idea of a portable app is that you don't need to install it to run it. In fact you can run it straight from a USB memory stick or even a CD ROM on practically any machine (so long as it has the right spec). This means you can put the software on your USB stick and run it on any computer in your college, university or library, get your work done and all with minimal hassle.

So handy are these portable apps that I have come to prefer The GIMP portable to the fully installed version on my own PC.

Portable apps that caught my eye in particular are, The GIMP (open source Photoshop Equivalent), NVU (open source Dreamweaver/Frontpage equivalent) and Audacity (sound recording and processing), but there are others, take a gander yourself >

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