Wednesday, 18 November 2009

So... do ColorCode (Amber+Blue) 3D glasses work with LCD Projectors?

I said I would test it out, and the verdict is... yes.

At least, it did with the Dell projector I tried it on. While I initially found that there was more ghosting on the projector image when viewed through ColorCode (Amber+Blue) glasses, than my LCD monitor, at least it was 3D.

I have not yet had success with Cyan+Red at all on a projector.

Changing "Video Mode" improves image

The Dell projector I used allowed me to change the "video mode", which is basically a bunch of different colour level presets. I found that in "game mode" the ghosting pretty much vanished even on the projector.

So there you have it.

ColorCode (Amber+Blue) can work with a projector.

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