Monday, 4 January 2010

What makes an 'Imax' 3D cinema image 3D?

I was discussing 3D stereograms last year in relation to Channel-4's 3D week, but I came across this interesting video clip on the BBC website when I was looking for information on 'The Pixar Story' a documentary "about the pioneering computer animation studio ".

The 3D shown here does not require coloured filters in the glasses, but does still adhere to the age old principle that 3D is constructed in the brain from seeing two slightly different images with each eye. Rather than coloured filters these use polarising filters. This gives the best colour reproduction of all the 'cheap' glasses methods - but I will let the video tell you more:

Further information may be found here >


  1. Happy new year and hope you are alright and had a good holiday. here is another good article about the 3d gold rush from the beeb,

    It makes a good point how many people have already invested money in new digital hd tv. Are they now going to spend another small fortune in upgrading there tv so soon. i don't think so and this could be a big part in the possiable fall of modern 3d. So if the compaines wait lets say 10 yrs are so 3d may have lost momento possiably.

    But how good would it be watching Doctor who in 3d in a few years time?

  2. Doctor Who will be in 3d or at least a trailer fro the new series will be.


    I keep posting things here that are 3d related and that you might find intersting. It is becoming habbit. Any this article is pretty good to do with 3D in gaming with Nintendos announced 3dsi hands console. And the article talks about how the tech could work seems you won't need glasses and how badly it will dent our wallets.

    I'll have to come in soon and show you some of me uni work if you like seems things are just about reaching the end after the 3 week easter holiday.

    Also another site you might like is