Thursday 4 October 2012

A job well done!

It is with some emotion that I look back on the last few years spent working as a lecturer and teacher of graphics, interactive media and game design. But today more so as I received visits from two of my old students who have made a fantastic success of their lives since attending my classes.

Both recently graduated with Degrees and have successfully found work in the creative industries they trained for. One as an animator, the other in game design. Thanks for visiting me today you two, I could not be more happy for you. Thank you for bringing me news of your other friends who I also had the pleasure to teach. If you ever read this, I am proud of you, just as I am of all my other students progressing with their education or professional careers, buying their first houses, raising their children...

Right now, though, having visited today, you two represent everyone I have taught over the last 7 years, you are in many ways the symbols of what I hoped my career would be about. I wish you, and all my students every success. The future is bright it really is, it is in your hands, I know you can do it. And what made my day today was seeing that you know you can do it too.

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  1. This moved me, it really did. I'll make sure everyone sees it. :D
    good teacher's make the difference Dan, Its a shame you no longer teach, you had a nack. I wish you all the best in your future career.