Thursday, 6 August 2009

Google Advantages with Blogger

I have been using Blogger since August 2007 very happily. And though everyone has their favourite blog system, and although I have even been recommended that Wordpress is better, there is something that some bloggers may not be aware of - really fast Google indexing for Blogger posts.

I don't know how long it takes for someone using Wordpress to have their blog posts begin appearing in Google. No doubt it will vary depending on the rating the blog has under the highly secret Google algorithms. But as a Blogger user I can honestly say that I have had a blog post appear in the Google search results within 2 hours of posting - this very day - and not buried pages deep either.

Less than 2 hours after publishing this post:

I found it on the number 1 spot on Google (out of about 13,300 results) under this search term:

convert 2 digit hex actionscript

Of course this is obviously related to the fact that Google owns Blogger, but the reasons are less important than the results. I almost don't care what other features other blog systems may have. Until they can beat me into the Google index I will stick with Blogger.

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