Monday, 3 August 2009

Manipulating Colour in Flash - #1

Following on from my previous post, I have begun to look into how I can use Actionscript to work with colour.

This experiment looks at how we can convert decimal RGB values into hexadecimal using Actionscript.

It's very simple...

The Code

/* First we set the RGB values as decimal integers (whole numbers) from 0-255, as you would see them defined in any graphics program. This example would reproduce white, but you can change the values to be anything you like between 0-255. */

var R = 255;
var G = 255;
var B = 255;

/* Then we convert the RGB decimals to their hexadecimal equivalents. The toString method is the easiest way I have found of doing it (thanks to Colin Moock). This script takes the value of each of the variables and converts the datatype from a numeric value
(in this case 255) into a string using '16' as the radix argument of the method. As a result 255 becomes FF, the hexadecimal equivalent. The code below then simply stitches the converted values of the R, G and B variables together to form a 6 digit hex number for the colour. */

trace(R.toString(16)+G.toString(16)+B.toString(16)); //Returns FFFFFF

What I like about this method is its simplicity. It would form the basis of a very simple colour mixer program, since the R, G and B values could easily be set by sliders, or the user keying in decimal values for each of the channels.

Over to you... meanwhile, I play with colour some more.

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