Monday, 28 September 2009

eLearning Business Game (Arrays in action)

My last post was all about my array sorting problem. But I thought you might want to see the final product.

It was actually a game I put together to help my new students relax and get to know each other, but then I tweaked it and made it available for anyone to download.

Available here:

The array was used in the part of the game that displays the team's performance as a graph. I needed to find a way to make the graph always fit in the available space. That meant finding the highest score and then working out a scale ratio that I could apply as the graph drew, so it always fit in the graph space.

So what has this to do with arrays? Well... finding out the absolute highest score of each team's highest score meant storing them all in an array and then sorting them (lowest to highest). Then I just had to retrieve the last item in the array to get the highest.

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