Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Simple Platform Game Engine in Flash

This year my students will be learning about game engines. For 3D they will most likely use the Unreal Development Kit, along with 3DS Max/Carrara 8 Pro for content creation. But that's all 3D - what about the 2D games? Well, for 2D, my platform of choice is Flash.

Problem is, that unlike the UDK, or Unity, or even the FPSC, Flash is not a game engine - and that means, not only creating and scripting content for 2D games, but also scripting the whole engine.

It's something I have been meaning to do for a while. And while I know that many talented developers have posted Platform game solutions online, there is something about working through the problem yourself that I really like. Besides, I don't always get on well with other people's code - and if I am to teach my students to code their own, I need a solution I have worked out so I know it inside out and backwards and can really explain it to them.

Many of you will want the code now, but I am still fine tuning it. Meanwhile, here is version 4d as a peep of how it is going so far (I am currently on version 4f).

JetPack = SPACE

Climb Ladder = UP/DOWN ARROW

When it is finished I will post the code and an explanation.

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